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  • Reveal what every Good EFI tuner should know
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Shawn Has Been Featured In...

Just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for all the EFI classes you offer. They really are an outstanding value and are presented very well. I don’t think you could’ve picked a better instructor either. The classes have taught this old man quite a bit. Thanks again for putting the power of knowledge in my hands.

John Cimo John Cimo

Seriously if you are interested in learning this kind of stuff, this is one of the best resources I have found so far. Along with bad noodle tuning guide and engine management advanced tuning book.

Simon Lacroix Simon Lacroix


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Learn To Tune Performance EFI

Our Online, High Quality Courses

Are structured so you systematically learn to tune electronic fuel injection from start-up to finish.

From Anywhere In The World

Since our EFI classes are online you can learn from us anywhere in the US, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Philippines, Canada, South America or even if your from the down under of Australia.

With No Travel Expenses

Here at FASTuuN you can master how to tune engine management systems without traveling to any school or classroom. So you're saving your hard earned money already by choosing us.

From Your Home, Office, or Automotive Racing Shop

Whether you're an avid car enthusiast wanting to know more about your vehicle.

Maybe you want to be you're own boss and start a business tuning engine management systems.

Even better you're knowledge of more vehicles for your business.

This is what we are here for...

Learn At Your Own Pace With Lifetime Access

Everyone Learns Differently

With FASTuuN, this is how you’ll learn electronic fuel injection, with the advantage of watching while doing as well.

You’ll never loose your ability to learn EFI with 24/7 access at the dyno or at the track.

Awesome EFI Courses

This is where the tires meet the road. Our exciting world renowned course FASTuuN EFI Simplified has been used by individuals for themselves to better understand their engine performance, to win races in their class, be their own boss and start their own businesses. Our online engine management school is where you need to start your tuning process.

"Shawn's teaching sure does make sense and I'm loving every minute of his lectures/presentations so far! Fabulous value and so easy to (and pleasing) to follow!" - Desmond D'Costa

There's Not A Better Tuning Instructor When It Comes To Learning To Tune Your EMS

Shawn Church will utilize FASTuuN’s method for learning to tune you're own engine management system.

Discover the 5 Step Process To Planning A Tuning Strategy...

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