Why Choose FASTuuN To Learn How To Tune Engine Management Systems?

  • Lifetime access
  • Learn from home and save cash on travel, hotel, and car rental.
  • Learn at your own pace, with your busy schedule of family and work.
  • You get a better priced course than any other course on the planet.
  • You will learn from one of the top 20 tuners in the U.S. Shawn Church.
  • Shawn was an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University and knows how to teach.
  • You will not find a harder working customer service department anywhere.

You started giving a ton of requests for a Subaru specific training. WE MADE IT FOR YOU. We see a need and solve it for you... THAT'S WHAT WE DO FOR YOU AT FASTuuN!

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Here's the man behind the Mic and Computer your Professor Shawn Church...

FASTuuN has cornered teaching, online engine management tuning . Shawn Church

The Church family of automotive companies has become one of the largest and most prolific dyno tuning enterprises in the world, tuning nearly 2500 cars per year. Shawn received his Masters Degree and also was a Professor at Pepperdine University. So he knows how to teach. In the early years, Shawn Church focused primarily on Honda vehicles, but the business quickly grew to encompass virtually any vehicle, from vintage BMWs to modern supercharged Cadillacs and everything in between. Shawn’s customers also enjoyed tremendous success, winning races, championships and setting records everywhere.

Some of the venues include IDRC, Battle of the Imports and NHRA drag racing; multiple Bonneville speed records; SCCA ProSolo and Solo2 national championships; multiple NASA and SCCA regional race wins, National Championships in NASA and SCCA road racing and time trials, endurance race wins and even a national championship in SCCA World Challenge.

Shawn Church has also worked closely with and provided services to a wide variety of major companies. These include Hondata, Advanced Engine Management, Garrett, World Racing, RS-R, Greddy, Motordyne, EvoSport, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games and more.

FASTuuN had their work cut out for them, no doubt. The guys at FASTuuN have spent countless late nights and many waking hours in preparation of these courses for you. This is why YOU will get the best tuning training at FASTuuN, because they care. Their hearts are in their work. One thing to know though, you will not meet a harder working group of guys then the FASTuuN team. They care about you and what they are doing for the car tuning culture. They want to bring the ability of tuning EFI to everyone who wants that quality skill set.

This is where FASTuuN breaks the mold for YOU!

FASTuuN's primary goal is ensuring YOU have the best learning experience and knowledge at a price anybody can afford!

Why FASTuuN Exists!

Back in 2003, Jack Fredericks one of the founders went to a couple EFI schools paying $1000's, still not confident enough being able to tune his EVO. Wanting more he started searching the forums for answers not really coming up with much.

He started to see a pattern...

Guys feeling just like he did.

Fast forward to 2012. 9 years later. Time flys when your having fun...

He wanted to bring EFI tuning to the enthusiast. Where you didn't have to travel to learn.

He came to Shawn with the idea and everything else is history...

In the past learning to tune EFI was a frustrating and disappointing experience. It was not easy to even find a class close to you, let alone get a spot in it. Previously, the cost alone was enough to shy away even an avid car enthusiast.

Traditionally, you had to sign up for a tuning course weeks before, purchase your airline ticket, make your reservation for your hotel, and set up your rental car arrangements. Not to mention pay thousands for your tuning course.

FASTuuN exists to enable enthusiasts a real means to learn to tune EFI, get their car on the road make the power they want and get the drivability they deserve.

We want enthusiasts just like YOU to be able to get out there and enjoy their ride.

Bringing you, control over your EFI. Certainly, so your car will run with Efficiency and Efficiency Equals Power.

FASTuuN strives to provide auto enthusiasts with a proven system to quickly and easily learn to tune electronic fuel injection. So that you, have the knowledge and, are well prepared to tune your vehicle.

We aim to have a long lasting positive impact on the car tuning community through improving on our enthusiasts learning experience. With your vehicle properly tuned by you, there is no longer any issue in your vehicles tune that you have to settle with.

Power Is In Your Hands.

Discover the 5 Step Process To Planning A Tuning Strategy...

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Awesome! I Can't Wait To See You On The "Inside"

Enter Your First Name and Best Email Below To Get The 5 Step Process To Planning A Tuning Strategy