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Discover all you need to know when it comes to your fundamentals in this course material.

  • Eliminate your trial and error stress when tuning for the first time
  • Things you never knew about the combustion process
  • What is the most important engine stroke
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FASTuuN EFI Simplified

  • Go deep into the inner workings of an engine and engine management tuning.
  • Get a classroom session and a dyno session.

Know all the aspects of tuning EFI from an expert tuner that tunes over 2000 vehicles a year. No one in the tuning school industry comes close to tuning that many cars in their career.

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Our First Vehicle Specific Course
  • We dive deep into the software to show you all the tabs and what to expect in each
  • Then we get on the dyno and tune 2003-2015 Subaru's so you can follow along to tune your own vehicle
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SUBIETuuN - Opensource Tune

We did a 1.5 hour opensource tune for an 05 STI
  • In this packed full of info tune we talk first about Basic calibration - Initial boost, Fuel injector scaling, Mass airflow setup and more
  • Then we get into the real time of Primary open loop fueling, Wastegate duty cycle, Ignition timing and a whole lot more
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