Engine Tuning – The Real Truth

Is It A Black Art?

Engine tuning, whether as a hobby or a business, always sounds like a fun and easy thing to do. But in reality, getting the proper training and experience takes time, money, and effort.

The real truth is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Either the proper education on tuning engines is hard to find, or EFI (electronic fuel injection) technology involves too quickly.

The good news is that there are ways to get the proper education and accreditation without having to break the bank or throw your schedule out the window.

Here’s the real truth about tuning engine systems today:

Engine Tuning 101

Tuning an engine is actually all about programming the vehicles EFI system, tweaking and improving variables such as air-to-fuel ratio, spark timing, etc.

The main goal of programming the EFI system is to improve the car’s performance, such as through better fuel efficiency, more power, and cleaner emissions.

It’s also a good idea to know how to program a car’s EFI system when you plan to put upgrades on it, such as a new engine, a turbo, etc. The new additions can change the variables and affect your car’s performance, and you’ll want to make sure the upgrades increase your car’s performance and not hurt it. The proper training in EFI tuning will help you know these things easily.

This is why tuning engines is quite popular among car enthusiasts. After all, who wouldn’t want to get the most out of their cars? Many people pay good money to hire expert engine tuners to program their cars ECU for peak performances.

In addition, more and more people are also getting into DIY’ing their engines. But as most of these people are realizing, it’s not easy to get the proper training, education, and accreditation. Here’s why:

The Trouble With DIY Engine Tuning

Most EFI training schools today cater mostly to entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own EFI tuning businesses. As a result, their curriculum are a mix of technical and business aspects of tuning engines – and this isn’t a particularly good deal for DIY tuners.

Here’s what usually happens: A DIY tuning enthusiast goes to an EFI training school to get the education he needs. He pays good money to enroll into an accreditation and training course, and even takes a few days to a few weeks’ leave from work to fit the course into his schedule.

Unfortunately, he realizes too late that much of the technical side of tuning an engine has been skipped, skimmed over. Despite attending the course faithfully, he leaves the training facility feeling short-changed, and still needing even MORE training.

As a result, most DIY tuners turn to books about tuning cars and engines to find the missing information and training. And there are LOTS of books out there that focus on all the EFI systems that can be tweaked in the market today.

Engine Tuning Books – The Good And Bad

Books on EFI tuning are always a great help, but they do have their drawbacks as well. For instance, information is often not enough when it comes to becoming a savvy DIY tuner. You also need to bring that knowledge to the “field,” and get hands-on training and experience in tuning engines.

What’s more, some books on EFI tuning also focus only on certain EFI systems, and may not have information on other popular systems available on the market. Broad, general books have the opposite problem, and may not have the in-depth information the DIY tuner needs.

As a result, most car tuning enthusiasts resort to buying and reading as many books on EFI tuning as they can. And that can be a tax on both time and money.

So if schools are a little hard to find (and offer incomplete training besides), and if self-education through books are a huge time and financial investment, what’s the solution?

An Engine Tuning School You Can Attend Anywhere, Anytime

As I mentioned before, attending an EFI tuning school can pose a problem if you don’t have the budget, or if you work during the day, or if the school itself is quite the drive away. Luckily, we have the solution – attend an online EFI training school!

By getting tuning education over the Internet, you can get the training you need anytime you want, anywhere in the world you might be. So if you’ve ever wanted to work during the day and hone your tuning skills at night, an online school for tuning efi is your best option.

At FASTuuN, we offer online courses on the most popular EFI systems. We get right into both the technical and entrepreneurial side of things – the sequence of your lessons will be entirely up to you!

Also, you’ll get access to training videos from our expert, who shows you the ins-and-outs of programming the various ECU’s available on the market today. It’s as close as you can get to hands-on experience without leaving the comforts of your home.

If you want the training, experience, and accreditation for tuning engines without having to shell out a lot of money and time, FASTuuN is the school for you. Join us now, and let’s get your skills up to speed!

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