Are You New To Engine Management Tuning and Want To Understand the Basics, MBT, the Best Air Fuel Ratio For Any Given Vehicle, VE and What Sensors To Look Out For When Tuning EFI In About 2.5 Hours!

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Shawn Church

Everything that you will discover in our course will be applicable for any brand of engine management system, even reflashing factory ECU's as well. All techniques ensure you get the best results while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

This 7 Part Video Series Reveals...

"The Advanced Tuning Formula For How To Tune Engine Management Systems"That Will Give You The Head-Start You Need To Becoming A Higher Level EMS Tuner"

Leap of Faith!

Chad Fountain

(I was pretty worried, nervous, and skeptical a company could offer this type of program for the prices they were offering.) I decided to take a Leap of Faith and purchase the videos, which consisted of a 7 part series. (I am so glad I did too..) I want to thank FASTuuN for this invaluable service to the automotive community. I recommend this service to any car enthusiast interested in pursuing an education in automotive tuning and calibration.

What To Expect...

  • We'll Get Right Into The Basic Knowledge Of How To Tune Engine Management Systems Most Schools Don't Teach Correctly - And all the training being delivered by video format
  • We'll Dive Deep Into How To Craft A Perfect Start-up Ignition Map - Something No One Is Showing In The EMS Tuning Industry - Right from your computer screen or mobile device
  • Discover What Venue For Tuning A Car Is Best For You While Relaxing With A Coke - Without leaving your most comfortable chair

EFI Starters Edition

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