What is EFI Tuning?

Has Tuning Ever Crossed Your Mind? Tuning EFI Is Your Answer…

What is EFI tuning? EFI stands for electronic fuel injection, which is the engine system used in most cars today. It is a technology upgrade over older cars, which used clunkier, less efficient carburetor systems used by yesterday’s hot rods.

EFI engine systems are controlled by a digital computer, which adds many features carburetor systems didn’t have. For instance, EFI systems have the ability to compensate for various driving conditions all by itself, while you usually had to tweak carburetor systems manually to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

Tuning fuel injection has been a hobby and a career for many car enthusiasts, as it’s possible to tune your own engine to your specifications. Whether you want better fuel efficiency or more power, knowing how to tune an engine lets you experience greater freedom and flexibility with what your ride has to offer.

EFI 101 Tuning

EFI tuning basics usually revolve around how tuning is done, what goals you want to achieve, and manufacturer-specific tuning information. Basic training teaches you how to tune an engine to match specific driving conditions you want to meet, because as advanced and “smart” as EFI systems are, they’re rarely ever “perfectly” tuned.

It’s always a good idea to learn how to tune an engine when you like souping up your car with upgrades, modifications, and performance parts. Some upgrades tend to affect the information being fed to your engine’s ECU (engine control unit), which in turn might cause your EFI system to respond incorrectly – and in turn decrease the engine’s overall performance.

Tuning Today

Today, most car lines come with what’s called a “stock tune,” which is something like its engine’s default settings. As the months go by, the manufacturers roll out updates to the stock tune, which brings with them new settings for the car’s improved performance and efficiency. Most car owners get these updates by taking their cars to the shop or dealership.

Car enthusiasts, on the other hand, learn how to update their cars’ tunes all by themselves, especially after they add performance parts like cylinder heads and camshafts. Stock tunes can’t compensate for the changes brought by the wide variety of performance parts out there, so car owners need to tweak the tune themselves or by someone else.

With increasing demand for good engine tuners around, engine tuning has become a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs and car enthusiasts. If you have a passion for cars, and you’d like to make money out of your hobby, then getting EFI tuning training will be a good investment.

How To Tune EFI Engine Systems

EFI engine systems are tuned by manipulating the ECU, which is basically the computer “brain” controlling everything that goes on in the engine. By tweaking the variables the ECU is working with, you can basically control the performance and compensation thresholds of the engine itself.

When you take your car to the shop, you might notice the technicians plugging a laptop into your car. This is because the ECU can only be controlled with special software, which makes updating the tune easier and faster.

If you’re wondering why the service can be quite expensive when all you see is a technician and his laptop, it’s because the updated tune your car is getting took several months of studies, experimentation, and stat-crunching by the manufacturers. It also took many man-hours and expensive equipment to come up with the updated tune. And to top it all off, it’s proprietary information you’re paying for.

If you want to learn how to tune your own engine, there are a few good ways to get the training and accreditation you need. Let’s explore some of them.

Getting EFI Training and Education

Most engine tuning training facilities offer EFI 101 course offerings, with the added advantage of EFI live training conducted by professionals. If you can make the financial and time commitment to be a student again, this is perhaps one of the best ways to get your EFI training and accreditation.

You can also get your training from books and eBooks. There is a lot of literature on the science, whether it’s about the technical or business side of things.

And, of course, there’s the Internet. There’s a wealth of information on the Internet about engine tuning, even if most of the free information available only cover the basics. You may need to pay for the more in-depth eBooks, or subscribe to an ongoing online education service.

But so far, the best way to get EFI training and education is by enrolling in an online training school like FASTuuN EFI Simplified. Online schools roll the benefits of an engine tuning training facility, books, and the Internet all into one neat package.

Now you can get the training you want whenever you’re available, wherever you are in the world, and at a fraction of the price. To see how FASTuuN EFI Simplified can get your engine tuning hobby or business off the ground, be sure to give us a visit! Start here if you have never tuned before.

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